Sponsorship Opportunities


Are there sponsorship opportunities available for the flagship conferences?

We are pleased to invite you to sponsor our flagship conferences in the spring and fall of each year. These conferences are a premier gathering of industry leaders, innovators, and thought leaders, which offer a unique platform for your company to showcase its expertise, connect with potential clients and partners, and establish itself as a frontrunner across the mental health industry.

As a sponsor, you will gain access to a range of benefits, including:

  • Brand exposure to a targeted audience of influential decision-makers
  • Networking opportunities with key industry players
  • Enhanced brand visibility through prominent branding and marketing initiatives
  • Thought leadership opportunities through presentations and workshops
  • Access to exclusive sponsorship packages tailored to your specific goals

Your sponsorship will not only contribute to the success of these events but will also serve as a strategic investment in your company’s growth and future success.

What are the costs associated with sponsorship of the flagship conferences?

We offer the following seven sponsorship tiers as well as other select opportunities.

Black Diamond Sponsor ($17,500)
Benefits of packages below PLUS:

  • Exclusive to one sponsor only
  • Choice of 3 branded programs (excludes Industry Dinners, priced separately) including the opportunity to make remarks at the programs.
  • Preconference email to all registrants the week of the conference.
  • Two marketing e-blasts to BPA members.

Black Pearl Sponsor ($12,500)

Benefits of packages below PLUS:

  • Full-page ad in 4 quarterly newsletters following the conference.
  • Choice of 2 branded programs (excludes Industry Dinners, priced separately) including the opportunity to make remarks at the programs.

Jet Black Sponsor ($10,000)

Benefits of packages below PLUS:

  • Full-page ad in 3 quarterly newsletters following the conference.
  • Choice of 1 branded program (excludes Industry Dinners, priced separately) including the opportunity to make remarks at the program.

Red Tier Sponsor ($7,500)

Benefits of packages below PLUS:

  • One marketing e-blast to BPA members.
  • Full-page ad in 2 quarterly newsletters following the conference.
  • Complimentary registration for 4 representatives.

Green Tier Sponsor ($5,000)

Benefits of packages below PLUS:

  • Recognition in the post-conference newsletter.
  • Full-page ad in 1 quarterly newsletter following the conference.

Gold Tier Sponsor ($3,000)

Benefits of packages below PLUS:

  • Complimentary registration for 2 representatives.

Exhibitor ($1,500)

Benefits of the package below PLUS:

  • Booth space at the conference.

Supporter ($500)

  • Recognition on BPA website conference page(s) with a hyperlink to your company website.
  • Recognition at the conference.
Are there opportunities to sponsor individual programs at the flagship conferences?

Top-tier sponsors have their pick of exclusive programs at our flagship conferences, but these programs are also available as a la carte offerings. Sponsorship of the following programs entitles the sponsor to make remarks at the program and enjoy branding opportunities related to the program of choice.

Available programs at the 2024 Spring Conference include:

  • Medical Student and Resident Forum and Luncheon ($10,000)
    Join us in supporting the next generation of medical students and residents and take part in a unique opportunity to connect with the future of medicine. Sponsor this event to showcase your expertise, guide aspiring professionals, and contribute to shaping the next generation of healthcare leaders. By participating, you play a pivotal role in guiding the trajectory of medical research and career development. Secure your sponsorship now and be a vital part of this influential gathering, fostering collaboration and advancement in the medical field.
  • Research, Industry, and Residency Career Fair Reception and Speed Networking ($7,500)
    We cordially invite you to sponsor our speed networking event, where an engaging discussion and presentation will unfold on the vital role of industry in psychiatry. This gathering provides a unique platform to explore collaborative opportunities and showcase how industry and psychiatrists can partner for mutual benefit. Your sponsorship ensures a dynamic exchange of ideas, fostering innovation and forging connections between industry leaders and psychiatric professionals. Secure your sponsorship today to be at the forefront of shaping the future of mental health collaboration.
  • Welcome Reception ($9,000)
    We invite you to be a key supporter of our conference by engaging with arriving psychiatrists at the start of our Spring Conference. As a sponsor, you’ll have the unique opportunity to showcase your commitment to the mental health community and connect with influential professionals. Your contribution will help create a welcoming atmosphere, fostering positive engagement and networking. Join us in making this event memorable for all attendees. Secure your sponsorship to align your brand with the spirit of collaboration and excellence in mental health.
  • Board of Directors Breakfast ($7,000)
    Join us in fostering vital discussions on the operations of the Black Psychiatrists of America and potential collaboration opportunities that have arisen through the work of BPA. By sponsoring this event, you actively contribute to advancing mental health initiatives and fostering meaningful partnerships. Your participation ensures a shared commitment to diversity, equity, and progress in psychiatry. Seize the chance to be at the forefront of impactful change. Secure your sponsorship today and help shape a brighter future for mental health.
  • Women’s Forum Luncheon ($10,000)
    We extend a warm invitation to celebrate the accomplishments of Black women in mental health and medicine at our Spring Conference. Join us for an inspiring event where we acknowledge achievements, exchange valuable insights, and foster meaningful connections. Your presence is pivotal in empowering Black women professionals, contributing to a more inclusive and impactful future in the fields of mental health and medicine. Let’s come together to elevate, inspire, and create a supportive community. Secure your sponsorship today and help shape a brighter future for mental health.
  • Executive Directors Breakfast ($7,000)
    We invite you to consider sponsoring our Executive Directors Breakfast, a pivotal event where our Director will share insights into the workings, financial health, and growth of the Black Psychiatrists of America. This intimate setting offers a unique opportunity for dialogue on contributing to our organization’s growth and potential partnerships. Your sponsorship not only supports our commitment to excellence but also aligns your brand with our shared vision for the future. Join us in fostering progress and innovation within the Black Psychiatrists of America. Secure your sponsorship today and be a key contributor to our organization’s success.
  • President’s Luncheon ($10,000)
    We extend an exclusive invitation to support our Presidential Luncheon, where our distinguished president will address both our general members and industry representatives. This event provides a unique opportunity to hear firsthand about the future of the Black Psychiatrists of America and our strategic plans for the organization’s direction. By sponsoring this luncheon, you actively contribute to shaping the future of mental health advocacy and support our commitment to excellence. Join us in this pivotal moment of dialogue and collaboration. Secure your sponsorship today and be a vital part of advancing the goals of the Black Psychiatrists of America.
  • Council of Elders Breakfast ($7,000)
    We invite your support for the Council of Elders Breakfast, a forum where esteemed leaders will engage in crucial discussions on leadership within the Black Psychiatrists of America. This event seeks to harness the wisdom of our elders and build on the past to chart a more promising future. By sponsoring, you contribute to shaping a direction that fosters growth, equity, and excellence. Your commitment to this cause ensures a legacy of impactful leadership. Secure your sponsorship now and be a cornerstone in building a brighter path for the Black Psychiatrists of America.
  • Community Engagement Luncheon ($10,000)
    We extend an invitation to support our Community Engagement Luncheon, where we will convene to hear from mental health advocates in the Los Angeles area. This event aims to foster dialogue, collaboration, and shared insights on addressing mental health challenges in our community. By sponsoring this luncheon, you actively contribute to the well-being of our local population. Your support ensures that diverse voices unite for a stronger, more resilient mental health landscape in Los Angeles. Secure your sponsorship today and join us in making a positive impact on our community.
  • Industry Dinners ($18,000)
    We are excited to extend an exclusive opportunity for you to sponsor our Industry-Sponsored Dinners in the city, offering a dynamic platform to engage with psychiatrists in intimate settings ranging from small groups to gatherings of up to 150 professionals. This unique initiative provides an ideal setting to address and discuss your products and innovations directly with key decision-makers in the medical field. Secure your sponsorship to maximize exposure, build meaningful connections, and showcase your contributions to the advancement of psychiatry. Elevate your brand presence by participating in these targeted and influential events.
Will there be branding opportunities at the flagship conferences?

Make a Lasting Impression with Every Interaction with Badges and Swag Bags at BPA’s conferences.

As a conference sponsor, you have the power to make a lasting impression on industry professionals right from the very start of their event experience. By sponsoring badges and swag bags, you’ll ensure that your brand is prominently displayed and remembered throughout the conference.

Badges: A Symbol of Recognition
Conference badges are not just a means of identification; they serve as a constant reminder of your brand’s presence and support for the event. With your logo proudly displayed on every badge, attendees will carry your message with them throughout the conference, sparking conversations and generating brand awareness. Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Conference Badges ($2,000)
  • Conference Lanyards ($2,000)


Swag Bags: A Treasure Trove of Brand Exposure
Swag bags are a highly coveted item at conferences, eagerly anticipated by attendees as a symbol of the event’s success. By sponsoring swag bags, you have the opportunity to place your brand directly into the hands of thousands of potential customers and partners. Sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Conference Laptop Sleeve ($2,000)
  • Conference Tote Bag, logo displayed on bag ($3,000)
  • Conference T-Shirt ($5,000)
What are the requirements to enter the annual speed networking event at the Spring Conference career fair?

At our Spring Conference every year, we host a Research and Industry Career Fair & Speed Networking event to connect interested businesses and organizations with Ph.D., MD, DDS, MS, MSPH, and PA students, faculty, and attendings associated with our host institution(s) who are interested in grants, collaborations, careers, and research and industry opportunities.

Entry into the speed networking event is simple. Please fill out a Sponsorship Application and select the $200 Speed Networking Table option.

We assign tables on the day of the career fair and organize participants into an efficient sequence to ensure that they are able to visit every table.

How do I become a Sponsor?

Please fill out the Sponsorship Application by clicking here.


What types of advertising are available?

BPA offers two methods of advertising: Listserv E-Blasts and Newsletter Ads.

Listserv E-Blasts reaches hundreds of psychiatry professionals who have joined BPA’s exclusive listserv. Write your content and allow us to deliver your messages. Our listserv serves as an intimate, real-time communication hub for BPA members. Reach Black psychiatrists and affiliates across the United States right in their inboxes.

Newsletter Ads reach nearly 1,000 individuals who have opted into receiving BPA communications as well as our website visitors. Take advantage of the exposure your business will enjoy in BPA’s quarterly newsletter released via e-mail and featured prominently on our website.

What are the parameters for the advertisements?

Listserv E-Blasts: We offer one e-blast per order to be released as part of a monthly update to subscribers every third Monday of the month. Listserv E-Blasts must be submitted as 1,000-character messages with an optional PDF attachment.

Newsletter Ads: The newsletter is published quarterly to a very targeted readership of 1,000+ professional psychiatrists. Newsletter Ads must be submitted as 4 x 4 inch high-resolution images.Advertisements are accepted and published at the discretion of BPA.

All decisions are final. You must subscribe to all FAIR USE AND IMAGE COPYRIGHT LAWS. Advertisers are responsible for proofreading their own content and paying their invoices prior to publication.

How do I submit an advertisement?

Please complete an advertising application. You can expect a response within 2 business days. If your ad is approved, we will send you an invoice for the total of your order. Please click here for the Advertising Application.